Payment Options

Tooth Zone understands that dental care can be a costly investment in your well-being therefore most people tend to shrug their shoulders when it comes to dealing with their dental health. Tooth Zone recognizes these economic difficulties to afford the expenses in maintaining it and if you need extensive dental care Dr.Marvi Hernandez Malanao can tailor a financial arrangement for your situation.

Dental Clinic

Other Savings

  • 20% discounts for Senior Citizen
  • 20% discounts for person with disability

Credit / Debit Card

  • For your convenience, Tooth Zone accept all major credit card like VISA and MasterCard.

HMO Card Holders

We accept many insurance plans, and it is our pleasure to facilitate you in your dental needs and we will be the one to file your claims. Tooth Zone Dental Clinic is dedicated to help you take full advantage of your benefits. We can only make an evaluation of your coverage in good faith but unable to give guarantee of it due to complexities of insurance contracts. These are the Insurance Company providers that we honor:

  • Health Partners Dental Access
  • Dental Network
  • Dental Channel
  • Maxicare Dental Hub
  • AA International
  • Affinity Dental Care
  • Med.Asia

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Ortho Treatment Packages

  • Avail of the Orthodontics treatment package and pay only20%of the total amount for down payment and you can settle the remaining balance for as low as?2,000.00every month during visits.
  • You can have your Orthodontics treatment for as low as10%down payment of the total amount and settle the remaining balance for as low as?2,000.00every month through postdated checks.(Bank assistance may be provided in opening a checking account if necessary and is still subject for bank approval)
  • If you want to avail of the Orthodontics treatment and you dont have a checking account, you may take advantage of this loan scheme. Pay only15%of the total amount for the down payment and you can use youractive payroll and / or savings account ATM as collateral. The account will be managed by Tooth Zone to deduct the residual from your monthly income.
  • Get your free dental cleaning every visit.


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